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Twenty-five years ago, the only wires a house needed were phone and electrical lines.  Today, more houses depend on another type of wiring - a home network that connects the proliferating electronic devices we use for entertainment, communication and security.  Structured wiring can enable a DVD movie played in the living room to be seen in any other room in the house! Or all the lights could by controlled from a single keypad.  These are just the basics of what is actually possible, such as controlling every electrical item in your home from one centralized location, which can can be accessed remotely via phone, PDA or computer!
  1. BulletWhole House Audio   
        On-Q LyriQ Audio system will fill your home with beautiful sounds!
  2. BulletHome Theater   
        Deliver superb sound quality inside and outside your home with evoQ speakers!
  3. BulletCommunications   
        Provides “electronic foundation” for all your communication needs!
  4. BulletVideo   
        Any video source can be seen on a specific channel on every TV in the home!
  5. BulletNetworking   
        Enable sharing of high-speed Internet connections, computer files and printers!
  6. BulletSecurity   
        Your family’s comfort, safety and peace of mind are assured!
  7. BulletSurveillance   
        Remote control security and surveillance via your cell phone, PDA, or Internet!

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